About Bucaramanga

976 meter
Capital of Santander
Andean Region
(Región Andina)


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Bucaramanga is the capital of the northeast province of Santander. The local production is best known for textiles and shoes, but also the less legitimate items. The city is the base of the Colombian Petroleum Institute (Colombian Institute of Petroleum), the investigative arm of the state oil company Ecopetrol and the Colombian Natural Gas Company (ECOGAS).


Centre of BucaramangaCentre of Bucaramanga

Girón was the first and most important city established by Spanish colonizers in the area. Bucaramanga, founded in 1622, was until 1800 in terms of population or economic importance no more than Girón. Between 1860 and 1870 the city attracted a core of German merchants and adventurers. The most famous was Georg von Lengerke. The tension between local residents and the newcomers came to eruption in 1879. With the political reorganization of 1886, Bucaramanga became the new capital of the province. The area was destroyed at war from 1899 to 1902 (also called the 1000 days war), but Bucaramanga was spared. The town grew slowly in the first half of the 20th century.


Although the height is not considered as very high, the climate of Bucaramanga is hot nor cold, having a average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Compared to cities with the same average height (like Cali), Bucaramanga has much cooler day temperatures due to the cold wind comes down the eastern peaks of the Andes.


Bucaramanga is also called "Ciudad de los Parques" (City of parks) or "Ciudad Bonita" (beautiful city). The city has a bus terminal and in the west of the city a airport. In general, the more compelling areas are along and above Carrera 33 and to the south of the city. The poorer districts are located in the north of the city. The location of the old airport where turned in the 80's into a middle class neighborhood. In January 2006 it was Telecom Colombia network which installed WiMAX network covering the entire city. It was the first city in Colombia, which had a WiMAX network and 2nd in South America.