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TAC Colombia

TAC Colombia or the full name "Transporte Aereo de Colombia" is a Colombian charter company based in Cali, Colombia.

Founded in 1995 under the name "Taxi Aereo de Caldas" but in 2009 changed to its present name.

You can take charter flights for passengers and freight in both national and international flights. It has access to 7 aircraft at bases in Cali, Medellin and Bogota. Whom they have a route network of about 20 routes.

Fleet of TAC Colombia

Aircraft NameNumberSeat configurationRange in kmWeight of aircraftCruising speedSeatmapPhoto
Beech 1900/C-12J2Economy class: 19
707 KM4,732 KG 518 KM/hour  (Max: 533 KM/hour) Photo of TAC Colombia Beech 1900/C-12J
L-410 Turbolet3Economy class: 19
1,380 KM3,985 KG 365 KM/hour  (Max: 380 KM/hour) Photo of TAC Colombia L-410 Turbolet
Navajo2Economy class: 7
1,875 KM1,782 KG 383 KM/hour  (Max: 420 KM/hour) Photo of TAC Colombia Navajo