Gold Museum

The Gold Museum (or in Spanish "El Museo del Oro") is a museum which is located in Bogota. It shows an extraordinary selection of the pre-Hispanic gold work collection. It is the largest collection in the world. The Gold Museum has more than 30 thousand pieces of gold artifacts and 20 thousand pieces of ceramics, textiles, etc. from pre-Columbian cultures in that part of South America now called Colombia.

Photo of an item from the Gold MuseumAn item from the Gold Museum.

Bank of the Republic began in 1939 to help the archaeological history of Colombia to protect. The object known as  "poporo Quimbaya" was a first in this 65-year collection.

Opening of the gold museum.
Days Time Admission price
Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 - 17:00 Adult 3.000 pesos
Sunday & Public Holidays 10:00 - 16:00 Free

The museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays which fall on Monday.
Children under 12 years and adults of 60 years and older have free entrance.

Tours are in both English and Spanish. The English tour always begins at 11 and 16 hours.
The Spanish are given at 10 (Saturdays only), 11, 15, 16 hours.