Transcaribe in Cartagena

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Trans Caribe is the bus system in Cartagena, after the example of Bogota. Cartagena also has the problem that the capacity of transport runs into the limit.

Current situation

In the current situation approximately 495.000 people use public transport daily. This is 86% of the population which lives in stratos 1.2 or 3. They use of 11 public transport companies. There are 52 routes that companies can drive, but for various reasons around 36 routes are driven. There are around 1316 buses on the different routes. Also, the taxi industry in recent years grown.


Routes of TranscaribeRoutes Transcaribe

They began in 2003 to plan the system. The system gets about a capacity of 334.000 passengers per day, which is about 67% of the demand. The system would go into function in the second half of 2011. The cost is 1600 pesos per person per trip. Pay goes through a Mifare system that can be bought at various sales points. The system distinguishes several types of routes.

Troncales (Red)

Here the main route of the system are switch terminals and end terminals. Among those riding buses with a capacity of 160 passengers. The capacity of the route is about 4000 passengers per direction per hour.

Alimentadoras (Blue)

These routes go from the end terminal of the Troncales routes to the districts. They are using buses with a capacity of 60 persons.

Auxiliares (Green)

These routes starts the route from the Troncales route into districts. They can start from a switch terminal as well as an end terminals. They are using buses with a capacity of 105 or 60 passengers.

Complementarias (Purple)

These additional routes are routes that do not go past shopping centers for example. You can make use of these routes through the switch terminals.

Suburbanas (Gray)

These routes are for transportation to other cities. These routes converge at the Terminal El Amparo. These routes are not integrated into the system.

Acuaticas (Yellow)

At a later stage they will look for transport over water. These are indicated in yellow.