Flag and Arms of Colombia

Flag of Colombia

Flag of Colombia

The flag of Colombia was adopted by law on November 26, 1861. The flag has three horizontal stripes in the shades yellow, blue and red. The yellow track is the size of the blue and red together.


The three colors of the flag date back to 1810 and have their origins in the fight against the Spaniards, when Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda, introduced a yellow-blue-red flag. This flag symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean (blue band), The Spanish terror (red) and the New World (yellow) and is thus the independence of the former Spanish colonies. These colors were in 1819 the colors of the republic Gran Colombia founded by Simón Bolívar, a federation of present-day Colombia , Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador witch in 1830 went under. Since then Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador all use the three color yellow-blue-red flag, the flag of Colombia is the ancient Great Colombia flag.
The flags of Colombia and Ecuador are almost entirely the same, the difference is that Ecuador made its weapon at the center of its flag. And used a different aspect ratio. In the flags of Colombia and Ecuador the yellow band is double that than the other two, in the flag of Venezuela are the heights of three colors equal. In the flag of Venezuela they added feature distinguishing; an arc of eight white stars in the blue band.

Coat of arms of Colombia

Coat of Arms of Colombia

The arms of Colombia was adopted on May 9, 1834, and in 1924 some minor changes were made.

Central to the arms is the shield which is divided into three parts. In the bottom are two ships, which symbolizes the maritime history of Colombia, especially those of Panama, which belonged to Colombia until 1903. In the middle is a traditional symbol of freedom, the Phrygian cap. The upper part shows one pomegranate (a symbol of New Granada) between two cornucopia or horn of plenty. Both pomegranate and the cornucopia's symbolize agriculture.

Above the shield is an Andean Condor depicted with an olive branch in its beak. Between the bird and the shield is the national motto in a ribbon. The shield is flanked on either side by two Colombian national flags.