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Satena is the largest regional airline of Colombia. Annually transports about 1 million passengers per year (in 2007). It has a market share of approximately 12% to 43 destinations, 130 routes and nearly 40,000 flights per year. The growth in passengers, from the last six years are approximately 20%.

The mission which the company is "helping to develop and integrate all regions of the country by air with quality, efficiency and safety".

History of Satena

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Satena was founded in 1943 as part of Ministry of Defense. It was given by the government the mission to offer passengers, mail and freight services n the east, south and south-western of Colombia. These were the underdeveloped regions of the country.

Satena is an acronym for Servicio Aereo a Territory Nacionales or in English National air service for regions.

The first routes were between Bogota and Leticia, Florencia, Tarapaca, El Encanto, Puerto Leguizamo. For this, the government offered a C-54, two C-47 and two L-20 Beaver. Later, here are two PBY Catalina (an amphibian aircraft) added. In 1964, the fleet expanded thanks to a gift from USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development).

In 1968 it was decided to be make Satena a separate company within the Ministry of Defense. In 1971 this was completed. The fleet in the coming years renovated and expanded.
In 2002 the first jet aircraft comes to Satena. Its Embraer ERJ-145 aircraft from Brazilian origin. In subsequent years there are added more aircraft of this manufacturer.

Fleet of Satena

Aircraft NameNumberSeat configurationRange in kmWeight of aircraftCruising speedSeatmapPhoto
ATR 42-3005Economy class: 46
844 KM10,500 KG 450 KM/hour  (Max: 490 KM/hour) Photo of Satena ATR 42-300
ATR 72-5002Economy class: 70
1,330 KM12,950 KG 554 KM/hour  (Max: 667 KM/hour) Photo of Satena ATR 72-500
Dornier 328 Series6Economy class: 32
1,352 KM8,920 KG 620 KM/hourPhoto of Satena Dornier 328 Series
ERJ-1451Economy class: 50
2,445 KM11,667 KG 828 KM/hour  (Max: 833 KM/hour) Photo of Satena ERJ-145
ERJ-1701Economy class: 76
3,334 KM21,140 KG 918 KM/hour  (Max: 1004 KM/hour) Photo of Satena ERJ-170

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