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Call Sign:SEARCA
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Searca is a Colombian charter company. Founded in 1992 and has over 200,000 hours of flight without incidents. It focuses on passenger and cargo charter flights in Colombia.

The main location is Bogota (El Dorado), but it also has locations in Medellin (Olaya Herrera), Barranquilla (Ernesto Cortissoz) and San Andres.


Fleet of Searca

Aircraft NameNumberSeat configurationRange in kmWeight of aircraftCruising speedSeatmapPhoto
Beech 1900/C-12J16Economy class: 19
707 KM4,732 KG 518 KM/hour  (Max: 533 KM/hour) Photo of Searca Beech 1900/C-12J
Beech 400, BE404Economy class: 8
2,915 KM4,225 KG 748 KM/hour  (Max: 837 KM/hour) Photo of Searca Beech 400, BE40
G2001Economy class: 11
6,300 KM8,709 KG 528 KM/hour  (Max: 560 KM/hour) Photo of Searca G200
KingAir 2002Economy class: 8
3,254 KM3,318 KG 515 KM/hour  (Max: 536 KM/hour) Photo of Searca KingAir 200
L-410 Turbolet7Economy class: 19
1,380 KM3,985 KG 365 KM/hour  (Max: 380 KM/hour) Photo of Searca L-410 Turbolet