Information about Colombia

With dramatically beautiful rainforests, mountains and beaches, lovely cities and enchanting people, Colombia should be among the most attractive and amazing destinations in the world. Unfortunately, the current guerrilla war, with the ongoing activities of cocaine cartels are combined to many of Colombia made - synchronized "Locombia" (the mad country) by the press - limits to all but the most foolhardy travelers.
The good news is that it is still possible to enjoyo the colorful swirl, the myth and mystique of Colombia. Sense at any time and you will get a safe and healthy dose of the most underrated and arguably destination on the continent.

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Location of Colombia

Colombia is a republic located in South America. Colombia is located in northwestern of South America. It is bordered to Venezuela in the east, in southeastern to Brazil, south to Peru and Ecuador and Panama in the west. In the west it borders the Pacific Ocean and in the north to the Caribbean Sea.

Is it safe to visit Colombia?

Many people planning to visit Colombian cities wonder if it is safe to visit Colombia. Thankfully, the violence and kidnappings that once kept visitors from visiting Colombia are now a such a rarity that most of Colombia is very safe to visit. People visiting Colombia are still urged to avoid rural mountain areas, but cities like Bogota, Cartagena, and Medellin are all safe for visitors. Aside from the petty crime that is common in every city, Colombian cities are safe for tourism as any other international cities. If you are planning on visiting Colombia, don’t let safety concerns get in your way. Be smart and do your research before booking your trip, and use common sense when out at night or in less frequented parts of the cities.

Size of Colombia

Colombia is 1,141,748 km2. Roughly, this is 28 times larger than the Netherlands. Another mnemonic that is about as big as France, Spain and Portugal combined. Eight percent of the total area of Colombia is water. In Colombia live an estimated 44 million people. This means that about 40 people live per square kilometer. This is not quite right. 54 percent of the total area of Colombia are jungles or rainforrest. This lies mainly in the east of the country. Only three percent of the population lives in the jungle. In the north on the Caribbean coast live 20 percent of the population.

National anthem of Colombia

The national anthem including the complete text, a video and sound recording of the text sung can be found on the National anthem of Colombia page.