la avenida Premera in Monteria with the christmas lights of 2010

la Avenida Primera

la Avenida Primera in Monteria la Avenida Primera in Monteria

At the edge of the Sinu River is la Avenida Primera. Or in English "First Avenue". It is a landscaped park maintained by the city. In the evening a lot of people go over here in order to walk or sit quietly on a bench. People can get also somehting to eat or drink. The park is decorated with Christmas. The lights in it makes it a more pleasant place to stay around christmas. When you are around christmas in Monteria you have to go there. Every year the are new decorations.

Since 2003-2004 it was rebuilt so that it looks clean again. Every year they try again to restore a piece. In recent years they have almost finished renovating the entire park. The project name of the refurbishment project was "Ronda del Río Sinú". It meant that the park of 2100 meters along the river got a solid makeover. The 2nd phase of the project is the renovation of the area between Calle 56 and 62. For this is almost 10 years allocated.