a planton on the river Sinu in Monteria Colombia

About Montería

22 meter
Capital of Córdoba
Caribbean Region
(Región Caribe)


Overview of the Center of MonteriaOverview of Monteria

Montería is a city located in northern Colombia, capital of the Colombian province Cordoba. The city is located 50 km from the Caribbean sea at the river Sinú. The city and region are famous for their different cultural heritage, a mixture of Zenú Indians, African colonial descendants, Spanish descendants, and recently, Arab immigrants. The city is home of the Sombrero Vueltiao, a national symbol. The city has a domestic seaport by the river Sinú wich is linked to the Caribbean.


The area was first ruled by Zenú Indians, who lived on the banks of the river Sinú (Finzenú), the river of San Jorge (Panzenú) and the river Nechí (Zenúfana), where today the department of Córdoba is. In 2003, dentist and historian Jaime Castro's issued  the book Historia Extensa the Montería a book on the history of the city. According to the book of Castro, Montería was founded May 1, 1777 by Spanish officer Antonio De La Torre y Miranda and gave it the name "San Jeronimo de Buenavista"

The city, which was named Montería by its residents and on the east side of the river Sinú moved to the west of Sinú.

San Jeronimo de Buenavista was the name by Antonio de la Torre y Miranda was chosen to honor the Holy Jeronimo, but people continued to call Montería. In 1803 the city wast burned by a group of residents so that the residents chose to return to the east of the River. Today most people live on the east side of the river, although in recent years with the growth of the population also expands on the west side of river.

In 1923 it became a municipality in the department of Bolivar and in 1952 was appointed as capital of the new Cordoba department.

With a population of about 400,000, the city is considered to be one of the 10th most important cities in Colombia and is locally known as La Perla del Sinú (The Pearl of the River Sinú).

Image from the old bridge of the Centre of MonteriaView of Centre


The economy of the town is based mainly on crafting cattle and a thriving commercial district of modern malls, stores and restaurant chains exists. It is regarded as the Capital of the Agriculture and Cattle in Colombia and celebrates this title with an annual festival.

Public Transportation

As in most Colombian cities is common, it public transport is tightly integrated in the city. A system of taxis and several lines of big and small buses serve the community in all areas.

Planchone at the Sinu riverPlanchone

A passenger ferry system, with the name "Planchones", consisting of a wooden raft with a roof that cross the Sinu river passing through a system of a small drag cable and the natural current. These rafts were there even before a bridge was built across the river, it is even today used to cross the river. It is one of the most remarkable features of the city.