Bolivariano is a bus company which was founded on February 11, 1956. It started with 36 buses with routes from Bogota to Girardot, Fusagasuga, Arbelaez, San Bernardo, Pandi and Cabrera. Already one years later, the route network expanded with routes to the places Armenia and Pereira. In the years from 1957 to 1966, the route network further expanded.
Only in 1982, Medellin was also added to the route network. In 1993 it was the first company that imported Scania buses. With this new buses the level of the company lifted with the more luxurious buses.

Since 2003 the started a alliance with Fronteras, merging the networks and it is possible for this company to have routes from the southern to the north of Colombia.

Buses the Bolivariano

You can divide the buses of Bolivariano into two types. The large luxury buses that run between the major cities from terminal to terminal. And the smaller buses which the high frequency or shorter routes. The type of long routes comprise two series. Super Expreso and Preferencial, where the last is is from Fronteras,  are composed of approximately 34 adjustable seats have 2 or 3 TVs, air conditioning, a toilet and room for two drivers. The other type consists of three series buses. Where the Euro vans serie is the smallest, they have a place for 14 to 17 people in 3 points adjustable seats. The Royal Ejecutivo Plus and Plus series are nearly equal to each other and have space for 21 to 23 people in a bus with air conditioning, television and a toilet. Also there are of course adjustable seats.

Route network of Bolivariano.

The route network runs from north to south Colombia. It is therefore possible to travel from Venezula to Peru through Colombia with this company. For an idea of the routes, click here.