Metro Cali

Metro Cali LogoMetro Cali is the bus transportation system of the city of Cali in Colombia. The actual name is Masivo Integrado de Occidente, or abbreviated MIO. This name is evidenced by a contest for choosing a name.


When Medellin maked the plans of the Metro de Medellin Cali also looked at its traffic problems. Plans for Metro Cali were made. In 1995 this company established MetroCali. The company should plan the implementation and would take operation. After several delays, the system in November 2008 open as a pilot. In March 2009 it goes into production.

Metro Cali

Just as the other comparable systems in other cities of Colombia the system works with a number of types of routes. The main routes (Troncales) of the system are made by blue buses with a capacity of 160 persons. These includes  special blue chairs for people with reduced mobility, pregnant women who have small children or those unable to walk. A total of 47 km of main artery constructed.
The 78 km of pretroncales trails are drove with a smaller bus even this is blue and has a capacity of 80 persons. The last 116 km of the system, alimentadoras, by are driven with small green buses with a capacity of 48 people. In total, covers the system as it is finished about 97% of Cali. The system can handle up to approximately 72% of the daily transport demand.


Like any other system you pay via a smart card. So you have 2 hours transfer time between different types of routes, otherwise it is seen as a new ride. The cost per trip per person are 1500 pesos.


The different routes are identified by their name. The first letter of the name represents the type of route. T for Troncales, P for Pertroncales, A for Alimentadoras and E for Express routes. For a complete picture of the ways you can download this 1 MB big picture with all routes in a map. Different routes have different hours.


Monday - Friday


Sundays and Holidays


5 hour until 23 hour

5 hour until 23 hour

5 hour until 23 hour


5 hour until 23 hour

Half 5 – 23 hour

6 hours until 10 pm


Half 5 until 23 hour

Half 5 – Half 12 at night

6 hours until 10 pm

Some Troncales routes have shorter opening hours, so watch it!

Routes Troncales

  • T31 Chiminangos - Universidades
  • T47 7 de Agosto - Capri
  • T10 Universidades - Centro (Alleen tussen 10 en 20 uur op maandag tot en met zaterdag)
  • T40 7 de Agosto - Centro
  • E31 Chiminangos - Universidades. (Alleen tussen 6 - 9 en 16 - 20 uur op maandag t/m vrijdag)

Routes Pertroncales

  • P10A Universidades - Av. Pasoancho - Centro.
  • P10B Universidades - Autopista Simón Bolívar - Calle 14 - Centro.
  • P14 Universidades - Autopista Sur - 7 de Agosto.
  • P20A Álamos - Av. 3N - Centro.
  • P24 Chipichape - Autopista Oriental - 7 de Agosto.
  • P27: Chipichape - Av. 6N - Calle 5ta - Unidad Deportiva.
  • P30A Chiminangos - Av. 6N - Centro.
  • P30B Jorge E. Gaitán - Centro.
  • P40 Alfonso López - Centro.
  • P47A 7 de Agosto - Autopista Simón Bolívar - Cra. 39 - Unidad Deportiva - Av Ciudad de Cali.
  • P47B 7 de Agosto - Av. Ciudad de Cali - Cra. 39 - Unidad Deportiva - Autopista Simón Bolívar.
  • P50 Ciudad Córdoba - Centro.
  • P70 Refugio - Calle 9 - Centro - Av. Roosevelt.
  • P75: Ciudad Córdoba - Av. Guadalupe - Cañaveralejo.
  • P76: Unidad Deportiva - Maracaibo.
  • P80: La Gran Colombia - Centro.

Routes Alimentadoras


  • A11 Universidades - Icesi.
  • A12 Meléndez.
  • A13 Caney.
  • A14 Universidad San Buenaventura.
  • A16 Cañaverales.


  • A22 Brisas de Los Alamos.
  • A31 Comfenalco.
  • A32 Alcazares.
  • A33 Floralia.
  • A34 Flora Industrial/Alcazares.
  • A37 Flora Industrial/SENA.


  • A41 Desepaz.
  • A42 Alfonso Bonilla Aragón.
  • A43 Manuela Beltrán.
  • A45 Alfonso López.


  • A72 Siloé.
  • A73 Nápoles - Capri.
  • A74 Cañaveralejo - Refugio.
  • A76 HUV - Universidad Libre.
  • A78 Lourdes - Caldas.


  • A01 Centro - Centenario.