MetroLinea in Bucaramanga

Metrolinea LogoThe bus system, Metrolinea, of Bucaramanga is based on the system of Bogota. Construction began in 2006 during the mayoralty of Honorio Galvis. The plans are at a later stage connecting surrounding villages to the bus system in Bucaramanga.


The construction of the bus system in Bucaramanga are estimated at 494.985 million pesos. The vast majority is paid by the government. The last 150.000 million pesos was raised by local government.


Two companies supply the buses for the bus system in Bucaramanga. These are all EURO3 or Euro4 buses. This causes pollution in the city has become a lot less. The troncal routes are driven by buses with a capacity of 160 passengers. Padron routes use buses with a capacity of 90 people. The last type of routes, Alimentador, are driven with buses with 48 people.

Current situation

After a test period of one month, which began in December 2009, the system has been used since February 2010. In the current phase which is under way there are building routes to Piedecuesta, Giron, Ciudadela Real de Minas and Carrera 33. The cost of a trip to 1400 pesos per person. The payment is a Mifare card, which can be bought at various sales points.


The Troncal route, say the main route, runs from Lagos to Quebradaseca. This has a number of routes linked, say sub routes. Padron routes are numbered with a P and a number on the card. You also have the Alimentador routes that start from a station on the main route.

Metrolinea - RoutesMetrolinea Routes

Pretroncales Routes

  • P1 - La Cumbre - Quebradaseca.(Hele dag)
  • P2 - Villabel - Centro.(Hele dag)
  • P3 - Bucarica - UIS.(Hele dag)
  • P4 - Provenza - UIS.(Spits uren)
  • P6 - Lagos - UIS.(Hele dag)
  • P7 - Cañaveral - Piedecuesta.(Spits uren)

Alimentadoras Routes