Transportation in Colombia

Transport in Colombia can be split into 3 parts. It is the village or urban transport, transport over shorter distance between 2 cities and the last transport between 2 cities long distance. With all types of transport in Colombia your money in your wallet decide which type of transport you use. If you have more money faster or more luxurious is possible, if you have less money it takes longer.

Village or urban transport

In the cities you can usually choose between a motorcycle taxi, regular taxi or a bus. Depending on what you needs are you can choice from that 3 choices. Sometimes the speed with which you like you be somewhere have a role, than a taxi or a motorcycle taxi is faster than the bus. Especially in the smaller villages, there are little or no taxi and there is more supply of motorcycle taxi or bus transport.

Transport shorter distance between 2 cities

With a shorter distance between the 2 cities we mean from a 2 to 5-6 hours. Usually you can do this by bus or taxi. A motorcycle taxi could also, but because the duration of the trip a lot less comfortable.

Transport between 2 cities long distance

The longer distance you hold are only 2 types of transport. The bus and plane. Why? With the long bus rides a bus comes with a 2nd driver, so the bus doesn’t stop when the driver needs rest. The bus is always with an onboard toilet and is equipped with air conditioning and television. The aircraft is more expensive then the bus, but has the advantage that time is a max of 2 to 3 hours. By bus from Cartagena or Monteria to Bogota cost by bus about 24 hours, by plane less as 2 hours.