Number of tourists

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Number of tourists

Tourism in Colombia

Most tourists come to Colombia during the famous festivals (such as the Cali Fair, the Barranquilla Carnival, the Iberoamerican Theater Festival and the Flower Festival). Also many people come during the Christmas period and the festivities surrounding the celebration of Independence of Colombia. Although Colombia is plagued by travel warnings because of FARC and other guerrilla groups, it attracts more tourists over recent years. The cause appears to be in the crackdown by President Álvaro Uribe witch continues to drive the rebels from the main cities and tourist attractions.visited by international visitors.

Since President Uribe was elected in 2002, he has increased  the stability and security in Colombia substantially. He achieved this mainly by increasing military effort and the presence of police throughout the country. This has a positive impact on the economy in the country, especially tourism. In 2006 the country expects some 1.5 million international tourists a 50% increase over the previous year. Even Lonely Planet, publisher of the famous travel guides for backpackers, has chosen Colombia as one of the 10 most important destinations for 2006.

The Numbers

The numbers which are listed below come from the website of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

In 2005, 1,335,946 tourists came to Colombia. In 2006 this number grew by 48.10% to 1,978,593. In these figures people who come to work or study are ignored. The total number of foreign persons who came to Colombia in 2005 was 1,909,491. In 2006 it grew by 13.58% to 2,168,884.

Number of tourists between 2002-2006
Entry 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Air 507.389 550.654 700.891 833.550 935.853
Water 455.754 386.436 689.262 357.021 875.530
Cruise 94.360 42.609 49.284 48.115 50.946
Land 57.897 72.596 88.092 97.260 116.264
Total 1.115.400 1.052.295 1.527.529 1.335.946 1.978.593

In 2006 there were 50,946 tourists by a cruise ship. This is an increase of 5.88% with 2005 when 48,115 tourists arrived by cruise ship. They came with 53 ships in 2006 and 46 ships in 2005. The first 3 quarters of 2006 the tourists brought 1.455 million U.S. dollars. This is an increase of 30.13% over the same period in 2005 (1.118 million U.S. dollars).

The rise of tourism, you see reflected in the construction of new hotel rooms or hotel rooms which are renovated. This is also promoted with tax relief from the government.

Number of new or renovated hotel rooms
Year New hotel rooms Renovated hotel rooms Total
2003 0 60 60
2004 241 435 676
2005 811 1778 2589
2006 1433 2604 4037
Totaal 2485 4877 7362

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