Rapido Ochoa

Rápido Ochoa was founded on June 25, 1958 in Medellin. It is a company that has always tried to lead the way with technology. By 1980 they had already buses with air conditioning known as the Thermo Kings.

Besides transporting passengers and cargo Rapido Ochoa also sells holidays, which presented as a package holiday trip. These trips include transportation and hotels into several parts where Rapdio Ochoa operates.

Buses from Rapido Ochoa

Rapido Ochoa has three types of buses to transport passengers. The bus of the type Rey Dorado is the type which is used for long journeys. It has seats in the 5 positions adjustable, light per seat and adjustable air conditioning per seat . Also there is of course a toilet and it is possible to watch a DVD or listening to music. Through the global television and radio.
The Class Series is a bus of 14 or 21 people with chairs which are adjustable in 3 positions. Of course there is in this bus air-conditioning, a toilet and a video and audio system.
The last series is Real, this is a bus for short distances or distances with a higher frequency. Again, sitting chairs with 3 positions. These buses have no air conditioning and toilets. they do have an audio system.