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Call Sign:AIRES
IATA Code:4C
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LAN Colombia

Lan Colombia is a Colombian airline. At this moment it's mainly a domestic route network and 2 international routes to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Lan Colombia has emerged following the acquisition of Lan Airlines Aires.


What began in 1981 as a dream to the 2 provinces of Tolima and Huila in the middle of the country to connect is grown into a real aviation company called the Aerovías or Integración Regional AIRES. It started with 2 Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante aircraft in 27 years and has become an airline which is more than a 1.6 million passengers and approximately 1500 tons of cargo per year. In 2010 it was taken over by the Chilean LAN Airlines for about 32 million U.S. dollars.

Route network

The route network of Lan Colombia is trying to make it possible for same day return to your starting point.

In 2009, Aires began to offer international flights, after the acquisition is completed and there are only 2 international destinations for flights offered.


The fleet comprises 14 aircraft such as the Dash 8. The number of passengers with what these devices can be transported at one time varies between 37 and 70. Also, since 2009 the number of Boeing 737-700NG. By joining Aeroasis and Aires there are also 3 Airbus A320 joined the fleet of LAN Colombia.

Fleet of LAN Colombia

Aircraft NameNumberSeat configurationRange in kmWeight of aircraftCruising speedSeatmapPhoto
737-7005Economy class: 148
6,230 KM38,147 KG 828 KM/hour  (Max: 876 KM/hour) Photo of LAN Colombia 737-700
Airbus A3207Economy class: 168
6,100 KM42,600 KG 828 KM/hour  (Max: 871 KM/hour) Photo of LAN Colombia Airbus A320
DASH 8-20013Economy class: 37
1,713 KM10,483 KG 537 KM/hourPhoto of LAN Colombia DASH 8-200

Lan Colombia Route network