Fly in or to Colombia

Iberia arrives in BogotaIberia arrives in Bogota

Flying to Colombia can be done with several routes. Avianca the Colombian national Carrier, flies to New York JFK, Miami and Los Angeles. But not only Avianca flies to Colombia. You can also fly with Continental from Houston, Delta from Atlanta, American Airlines from Miami and Spirit from Ford Lauderdale. From europe you can choose from Iberia from Madrid, Spain or Air France from Paris in France. Also Avianca has flights to Madrid and Barcelona.

Airlines in Colombia

Colombia has a total of 6 operational public airlines. The largest is Avianca the national carrier. The smaller ones are Copa Colombia and LAN Colombia. There 2 regional carriers are Ada and Satena and 2 budget airlines; EasyFly and Viva Colombia. The regional carriers don't cover the hole of Colombia, but come to places that aren't visited by the larger airlines.

Fly in Colombia

The national aviation of Colombia over the past 10 years has grown. In 1992 only about 6.5 million people flew on domestic flights. In 2009 these were already 10.5 million. If we look at the past five years, growth is less, but with current trends, the number is expected to grow. An example of this is Lan Colombia, the company was a small regional carrier converted into a low cost airline. The emergence of Easyfly and Viva Colombia as pure low cost airlines, made sure there was more competition on domestic flights. As a result the price fell, and flying is for more Colombian people available.

Are you looking for domestic flights in Colombia? If you are flying also international, you can better look at Avianca, Lan Colombia or Copa Colombia. Looking for flights in Colombia? Then you can look at the smaller airlines, these offer flights between cities that big airline do not go to, or the prices are lower. At the sites of Easyfly, Ada, Satena and VivaColombia you can directly book tickets. Advantage of the last four is that they also fly between smaller towns do not always have to fly through Bogota. This is saving time and money!