Bus transport in Colombia


Urban bus MonteriaUrban bus Monteria

In all major Colombian cities there is a kind of bus network. The bus is a cheap alternative to taxis. Costs vary from bus to bus but sit around 1000 a 2000 pesos. It is important to find out about how the urban bus network is constructed. Buses run not on time but follow a route. Put up your hand is enough to show you want in. You can use the stop button to say you want out of the bus.

Inter Urban

In western Colombia is a good inter-urban network of bus routes. Several companies offer routes with a comfortable bus for around 30 people. This bus have almost always air conditioning and a toilet. This is cheap alternative to the sometimes for Colombians expensive aircraft. Even the buses come in cities where you cannot come with the airplane. The routes are driven most of the times more than once a day. The companies provide safe transportation between the cities. The quality of the buses can sometimes vary from company to company and from bus to bus.
On the internet is recommended not to buy tickets for the bus in front, because the price than something can be more expensive. About the price it is possible to negotiate through the competition that companies have with each other. Do not worry if the price go down by a few thousand pesos.