Expreso Palmira

Expreso Palmira is a bus company was established on March 17, 1956. The route network is concentrated between Manizales, Armenia and Cali. They also provide a direct link between Cali and Bogota. Depending on the distance they have different coaches what they use. For long distances, luxury buses deployed. For shorter distances the buses cheaper and simpler.

Expreso Palmira buses

Expreso Palmira uses the following three different types of buses. The S26 is used on long rides. This bus is equipped with air conditioning, tilting seats, toilet, television and music. For short trips with high frequency the Eco or Mettro buses are deployed. The Eco series buses have no air conditioning, the Metro Series does have air conditioning.

Expreso Palmira - S26 type busS26 Serie

Expreso Palmira - Mettro serieMettro Serie

Expreso Palmira - Eco serieEco serie

Expreso Palmira Routes

The route network of Expreso Palmira is located in the triangle of Medellin, Bogota and Cali. Between these cities is at least a daily service. Around shorter routes are made with a high frequency. This ensures that Colombians working in the cities but do not live in those cities can come there. A graphical overview of the routes is also available.