Nature Park Chicaque

In the south of Bogotá, located just outside Soacha is the park Chicaque (el Parque Natural Chicaque). The park is 300 hectares and is part of the National Natural program. This program is managed by the Ministry of Environment. Because the approximately 30 minutes drive from Bogota isoften used to escape busy Bogota.

Chicaque was founded in 1990 and has become leaders at the national level in areas such as ecotourism, environmental education and various recreational activities.

Chicaque is a high Andean forest heights ranging between 2100 and 2720 meters. Because of the altitude, temperatures are between 11 °C and 17 °C. The increase of cold air from the valley the park is often coverd in large fog banks. Through the unique landscape much flora and fauna is found in the park. A large number of plant species, over 200 bird species, rabbits, monkeys and mountain cats.

The park is open daily between 08:00 and 16:00 hours. Admission costs 9000 pesos a person. It is recommended to wear easy clothes. Preferably no jeans because if it rains it gets wet and will be very heavy. Also good shoes are recommended.