Isla del Rosario Cartagena

Dolphin show in Isla de RosarioDolphin show in 2005

The Islas del Rosario, or in English, the Rosario Islands is one of 46 national parks of Colombia. It became national park in 1977 to protect the major coral banks of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

The reserve is 120 km2 and lies about 40 km southwest of Cartagena. It is a national park since 1977. Since then, there are 1300 animals and plants recorded in the area. It consists of 43 islands and waters between them. The temperature is a constant 27 degrees.

Sea aquarium at Isla de Rosario

Fish at Rosario islands Fish at Rosario islands

At the Oceanario Islas del Rosario you can enjoy all the wonders, beauty and color of the marine life in the Rosario's Coral Reef National Park. The Oceanario is located at an island.

At the sea aquarium there is a guided tour that goes from platform to platform to let you see, appreciate and enjoy the wealth of our oceans. at the same time that you will be entertained and amused in the midst of a natural environment.

Flamingo at Rosario Islands Flamingo at Rosario Islands

Many species, due to their peculiarity and their way of life cannot be exhibited alive. The Oceanario has an educational museum where they are exhibited and information on their ecology is given.
Diversity of algae, sponges, corals, mollusk, crustaceous, fish, reptiles and marine mammals are presented in this museum through collections, dioramas an informative posters, illustrating the main ecosystems of the area (coral reefs, sea grasses and mangroves). Also indicated are the actions that can be taken to contribute towards its conservation.

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