GovenorLuis Ataya Arias
Total area23,818 km2
Population density9.75/km2
10 Largest Cities in Arauca departement
Puerto Rondón
Cravo Norte

Colombian department Arauca

Arauca is one of the thirty-two departments of Colombia. It is located in the northern region of the Orinoco region of the country.  The name (and the capital) are derived from the name of a bird plains called "Arauco” to the north and the east by Venezuela, south to the departments of Vichada and Casanare , and west with Boyacá. It is divided into seven districts: the capital Arauca, Arauquita, Cravo Norte, Fortul, Puerto Rondon, Saravena and Tame. Its territory covers an area of 23,818 km², an area similar to that of the European island of Sardinia.


The first conqueror to reach Araucanian land was Nicolas de Federman in the year 1539, accompanied by Jorge de Speyer, through the eastern range. In 1659, the missions advanced toward the jungle in Guahibos tribal lands, Tunebo, Aericos and Chiricoas, where they founded new towns.

In 1810 the Araucanian territory became part of the newly created province of Casanare, in 1819 he joined the department of Cundinamarca, then the year of 1857 was appended to the Sovereign State of Boyacá, later to be so the Department of Boyacá. In 1891 he created the Arauca station which had as its first President General Pedro Leon Acosta.  By decree 113 of January 20, 1955, the territory was elevated to national quartermaster, and finally, with the Constitution, on July 5, 1991 was erected as a department together with other municipalities and police stations.  The city of Arauca is the regional capital since 1911.