Nightlife in Bogota

Hard Rock Cafe - Zone Rosa BogotaHard Rock Cafe Zone Rosa

Nightlife in Bogota is not a problem, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, discos to entertain you all night. Note that on some things; Get a cab to go home. Call a cab a night you get a code you can check with the driver. Then you know that this is the taxi you ordered. And do no stuff you wouldn't do in other great cities. Most things close at night for at around 3 am.

A very popular area is Zona Rosa (pink zone). Don't think of Amsterdam direct. It is located around Carerra 11/13  crossing with Calle 80/86. There are a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants. Another area is around 5 Carerra crossing with Calle 25.

An overview of good bars, cafes, etc. It is difficult to give. It's your personal taste. But what your taste is, there is always something to be found in Bogota.

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